Access/navigate deskyop from iphone/android?

(Dodlur) #1

hey all -

are there any apps out there that allow you to navigate your desktop sketchfab scenes using a remote app on either your iphone and/or android?



(Nexmobile) #2

On the iPhone and Android version (for phones) it's a little tricky to
navigate the desktop on such a small screen, but Microsoft's Windows
8-style interface works a lot better. The iOS and Android versions also
support iPads and Android tablets, and it's a lot more useful
controlling a PC from an tablet. Unfortunately, the app doesn't auto
detect PCs on a network so you'll have to know the IP of the machine you
want to connect to. That's fairly standard for Remote Desktop, and
Microsoft has built in options to scroll around a machine at its native
resolution as well as an onscreen keyboard with buttons to trigger
function, shift, ctrl, alt, esc, tab, and even the Windows key.


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