Access to all uploaded textures for atlasing

I’m currently uploading a bunch of game-ready models which use the same texture atlases. This means while I have my models in separate viewers, I have to upload the same textures over and over again. What do you think if we could access all the uploaded textures in our profile, and choose from there which one to use? Is this worth suggesting to Sketchfab devs or is it too specific and not a widespread use case?

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Also, scene presets. Like save a master scene preset with all lights and environment and post effects

That would be soo cool! I can imagine these settings are getting encoded into the glTF file when I upload a scene from Unity, for example. Saving lighting and PP data could be loaded into the viewer as appendum… sadly I lack the technical knowledge so I can just guess if the viewer is capable of loading two files at once…

You can actually do that with the Editor Presets script (finally working again!)

Check it out here: Sketchfab Editor Presets (Scene, Lights, Post-Processing Filters, Materials)