Account name automatically change


as my topic name , my issue with sketchfab is that my account name keep switching without my permission . I’ve try to change the name back to original but after a while it just keep switching back to the previous account name . can anyone give me a clarification on this matter please . thank you .


That should not be possible. Are you talking about your username (i.e. profile URL), or your Display name? What was it changed to?


Hi Jame,

Right now, I have some issued, I need you support to my channel.

To be clearly, I want to say again avoid have mistake.

Before, I was manager and created channel CGArt

But some reason, I left this company so , rightnow I unconnected with channel CGart anymore

I was authorized ownership channel CGart to another people

So, that reason i have some issue to my new channel CGshare

Right now, I just owner only channel CGshare by email :

If some people or another channel was created by email : except channel CGshare, is not me. Please deleted.

Because, I just received email about minus the money of my account paypal from sketchfab by channel CGart. I dont know why what happened

Maybe, my account paypal still link channel CGart. If have, can you disconnect my account paypal with channel CGart please.

Thank you for you always support to me, I’m appriciated it

Best regards !


Thanks for the details. I just refunded the PayPal payment and downgraded the account.



Thank James for you always support to me :heart_eyes: