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Hey at Sketchfab
I have a question in the category "white label" Sketchfab.

Here at the media company, some of our readers on our web-site is 60+, and not quite as familiar
with web-use as younger people.

They get very confused when they accidential press the Sketchfab logo, and are guided
to the Sketchfab site. ( and have problems getting back to our site :slight_smile:
We understand the need to tell people that the service is provided by sketchfab, but could that be
done by displaying a large Sketchfab logo when you press the Sketchfab logo, you could even ad some text that inform that the service can be found at

I don´t know if that could be considered.



Thanks for the feedback! White-label is not on our roadmap at the moment, but we will consider it in the future, or perhaps, as you've said, an option to remove the link.