AD-3D Professional 3D Models for private and public intistutions

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About this service

  • References/former clients: COLAS, Métropole Nice-Côte d'Azur, IRSTEA, INSA-Lyon, Musée Fabre, Wonderful Light,etc.
  • Website:
  • How to contact:

Service description

  • Specialisation:
    Outdoor: buildings, suburbs, street, quarry, industrial sites, dike, natural area, national parks, mountains, etc.
    Indoor: statue, work of art, walls, interior, cars, furniture etc.
    3D models can be display on websites.
  • Equipment/software: Acute 3D, MeshLab, Blender, Memento, GH4, UltraCam.
  • Location: 34 rue de Viele, Quissac, France.
  • Ability to travel: Europe/International.
  • Resolution: from mm to cm (pixel size).
  • Max / min scannable: Any size.
  • Textures: Yes.
  • Deliverable file formats: OBJ, STL, FBX, Collada, CityPlanner,Virtual Geo, Blaze Terra, TerraBuilder, SpacEyes3D Builder, SuperMap,etc.
  • Additional services: Retouching, 3D Printing, Video, extra part integration, industrial solutions, volume measurements, flooding simulation, town and country planning, true orthophoto / DSM generation, impact test, etc.

  • Costs: on request (depends on the size of the object).

Service-specific information

  • Aerial vector: Plane or helicopter, drone, Microlight, Zeppelin.
  • Georeferenced: yes
  • Viewing software provided: Sketchfab - Acute3D free downloadable viewer - Acute3D plug-in free webgl viewer, MesLab.
  • Measurement tool: DGPS, position, distance, height, surface, volume : included with free viewer.


AD-3D Model 3D du Pont du Gard by AD-3D on Sketchfab

AD-3D Modèle statue 3, Berlin by AD-3D on Sketchfab

AD-3D Architecture intégration de projet by AD-3D on Sketchfab

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