Adam's Sketchbook

(Adam Beamish) #1

Hi Everyone,

Here will be a few WIP and finished small projects that I am currently working on or that are gathering dust.
The model projects will either be completely 123D Sculpt+ from start to finish or work started in 123D Sculpt+ and finished off in Zbrush.

I hope you enjoy and please add comments and constructive criticism if you like!

Adam :slight_smile:

A generic gremlin from the original 1984 film Gremlins. Sculpting and painting in 123D Sculpt+. Still trying to get as much detail in Sculpt+ and then I will paint bumps maps when it is uploaded to the Sketchfab model editor.

(Adam Beamish) #2

Princess Leia Organa from Star Wars A New Hope. Sculpting and painting in 123D Sculpt+. Her hair buns need a lot of work but due to the lack of polygons these will have to have a bump map to add detail.

(Adam Beamish) #3

Supreme leader Snoke from Star Wars The Force Awakens. Sculpting and painting in 123D Sculpt+. Still in the early stages and needs a lot more sculpting.

(Adam Beamish) #4

Still a lot to sculpt and still using the basic colour map as a bump map. The better reference material I find the closer I can get him to the original film puppet. I like the Gremlins 2 designs but there was always something a lot creepier in the original films design.

(Reizibarrientos) #5

You are a very good 3D artist!

(Adam Beamish) #6

Thank you reizibarrientos that's very kind of you! :slight_smile:

(Adam Beamish) #7

Grand Moff Tarkin WIP Test

Very early stages of sculpting and painting. His hair at the moment is very basic and needs more work. Currently using just the basic colour texture map for colour, bump and cavity. Created in 123D Sculpt+.

(Adam Beamish) #8

A very early start on Emperor Palapatine from Star Wars Return of the Jedi. Created in 123D Sculpt+ and rendered with Sketchfab on the iPad.

(Adam Beamish) #9

A small update of the Emperor Palpatine sculpt. Currently sculpting in as much detail as possible with the limited sized sculpt brush and polygon limit. Still a lot to do especially to the top and sides of the face. Then will come paintiing and other texture maps in Sculpt+. I will probably also create a separate cloak model in Sculpt+ which will give him the correct look.

(Adam Beamish) #10

A bit more of an update. I have reached the limit with sculpting due to the lack of additional polygons in 123D Sculpt+. I will adjust some of the sculpting but the face model is almost there. I have started to paint his face that still needs some work. I have also sculpted a cloak for better effect with a basic weave pattern added in Sculpt+. I will soon add a cloak clasp model and start painting a bump and roughness/glossiness map in Sculpt+ to add better detail in the final model when it's uploaded to Sketchfab.

All modelling and painting created in 123D Sculpt+ while joining the two model files in Lightwave and exporting as one single obj file for upload to Sketchfab.

(Craigastewart) #11

I really like how you've taken to combining obj files with lightwave. I'd really like to have a go at this. I assume you can resize the models within lightwave? Otherwise I could see proportioning could be tricky... :slight_smile:

(Adam Beamish) #12

Thanks Craig. All I had to do in Lightwave was to scale the cloak up, narrow the scale slightly from the front and slightly lift the bottom of the hood so that the tips of the shoulders didn't show through. No re-sculpting had to be done luckily. This is how I'm starting to do a lot of my work now. Sculpt and paint the parts in 123D Sculpt+ and combine in another program. If you could combine models in Sketchfab I would use that. But unfortunately not.
I use Lightwave personally as that's what I started with when I was learning 3D modelling. If budget is a problem then try using Blender, Meshmixer. If you have money to invest then you can try Maya, 3ds Max, Zbrush or Lightwave. Use a trial version as see what suits you. :slight_smile:

(Adam Beamish) #13

Another update to Emperor Palpatine. Adding extra roughness and bump texture layers with adjustments to the lighting.

(Brinihollywood) #14

Nice, Adam. Good lightning does so much. I think it's awesome how much potential 123D Sculpt+ actually has with some tweeking. However, the day I get a powerful, complete 3D-Software for my IPad, I'll be so happy. Btw, I also learned 3d modelling in Lightwave and I hate it passionately. :grinning:

(Adam Beamish) #15

Thanks Brinihollywood! Yes there is so much potential with 123D Sculpt+ if people would just open their eyes instead of giving up and moving on! I started with 3D Studio before it turned to Max and then had to move across to Lightwave. I prefer Lightwave to model in as I find it a cleaner interface. :slight_smile:

(Adam Beamish) #16

A bust of Spider-man that I started last night. By painting different elements across several duplicated models I can use the textures and combine them in Artstudio to create better colour, roughness and bump maps as they will all have the same UV coordinates. I`m trying to do as much as I possibly can on the iPad and only using a PC when there is no choice. So far all iPad with final Sketchfab lighting adjusted on a PC.

Sculpted and painted in 123D Sculpt+ with texture maps cleaned-up in Artstudio app.

(Brinihollywood) #17

Painting different texture layers in a sculpting tool... It's almost like you're creating your own art genre. Puristic.

(Brinihollywood) #18

We used Lightwave in University. It was a terrible experience. Later I switched to Maya, which I liked much better. Today I'm a C4D only guy. For moddeling it*s awful, but when it comes to animation, C4D is quick and dirty and you get things done.

(Adam Beamish) #19

Just a small update on Grand Moff Tarkin. Still sculpting symmetricaly. When I'm happy with the general shape I will make his features asymmetrical.

(Adam Beamish) #20

And here's the latest Tarkin WIP model. Created in 123D Sculpt+.