Add 3D simulated water surface for underwater scans

I’m creating underwater photogrammetry scans of dive sites and occasionally wrecks. But when visualising the models, we don’t get any context for the depth the reef/rock/wreck is at. Especially if it’s shallow, where you’d actually be seeing the surface when you’re down there diving, looking at the rock/wreck, whatever.

Could Sketchfab have a 3D simulated water surface that we could turn on?
It’d be on the x,y plane, at z=0, so we could positioned correctly before importing, or position it roughly within 3D Settings.
Ideally the simulated water surface could have simple parameters, wave length, wave height, transparency, colour tint, etc, so that we could get it matching the sea state present at the site, and such that it does a great job of adding the underwater and depth cues.
The size/shape of the surface could just be simple square, circle, or perhaps an approximate ‘shadow’/projection of the model under it, with a % overlap say…
For aerial scans/models, we simply don’t need any cues of the altitude of the terrain, and the scale can be inferred from the terrain and features… But underwater, we need to know its position in context to the surface. And to see it.

Having this would make visualising underwater objects, wrecks, dive sites, etc. so much more clear.

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