Add built-in environment suitable to scientific models


(Reed Copsey, Jr.) #1

The current set of built in Environments which are used for lighting are not remotely suitable to scientific models.

With the exception of Studio and Studio 2, all of the current environments add a color cast due to the colors in the environmental hdr image.

For scientific models, color is incredibly important, as it typically corresponds to data, and should never be cast to any other color. Adding a greenish, bluish, or reddish color cast (like the default Environment, and nearly every built-in environment) distorts the usability of the model.

At the moment, Studio 2 is the best option - but it would be nice to have a simplified environment built-in which did nothing but light the model relatively evenly, without adding any color casts. A slightly brighter "sun" oriented light could be appropriate, but the model needs to be lit from all sides (including bottom) and never cast (so image should be purely black-and-white).

(Dark Minaz) #2

You could create one for yourself and import it.
That would be available for all your models then.

or have 2 directional lights one from the left, one from the right so it gets a similar overall light with a few highlights.

But a few more options are always good

(Reed Copsey, Jr.) #3

That works for our models - but it doesn't handle our users in general (I'm writing an exporter for our software - and this impacts our entire user base).

It also requires Pro accounts, which makes the free accounts much less appropriate for scientific data. It seems like a reasonable feature request (and fairly straightforward).

(Dark Minaz) #4

Yes, i do think it should be added, i just wanted to give you an alternative till it is added :slight_smile:

the light option would also work till then for free users

although that is also not perfect i guess.

(Reed Copsey, Jr.) #5

Agree that's not perfect - but (with some tweaks) that might be a very good option - can get it much closer to where we'd want if we change all 3 lights.

Thank you!

(Klaasnienhuis) #6

I second this. This applies not only for scientific models, but also anything studio related such as e-commerce. Adding a color cast is inappropriate in that case. Though I like the reflections on the built-in environments, I rarely use anything else than studio 1 and 2.

Adding a color saturation option to the environments would help tremendously. This would make most of the current environments suitable for e-commerce and maybe even scientific uses. This option could be a checkbox to completely desaturate the environment or a slider to move between 0% and 100% saturation.

@james, what do you think about this?

(Dark Minaz) #7

Yeah my setup was just a little test if my idea really works. But glad i could help finding a temporary solution.

I do like the saturation idea, that would give it some nice control.
But a 100% lighted hdri option would also be good as an extra without any real highlights.