Add new "3D scanning and photogrammetry" group in forum


(Vlad) #1


Is it possible create new group "3D scanning and photogrammetry" group in forum? Where we can discuss about software, common problem for scanned models or preparing models to share at sketchfab, share tips and more.

Forum already have "Cultural Heritage" and most of photogrammetry and 3Dscan discussion inside this forum, but idea is a bit wrong. Because Photogrammetry and 3D scan is not mean that you work with "Cultural Heritage".



I think that's a good idea. @bartv is the forum master, so I will let him decide. He is on holiday until next week.

(Bart) #3

Seems to make sense, although I'm not sure we see enough 3D Scanning activity on the forum to warrant another category yet. @abbyec @NestorMarques @nebulousflynn what do you guys think?

(Vlad) #4

Not enough activity? May be on forum, yes. But where user can ask about photogrammetry? Lounge? But this is technical questions. World Heritage? But what if I scan modern stuff? :wink:
Actually I think "3D scan and photogrammetry" can absorb "world heritage" forum that is mix of museum talks and mostly talks about 3D scan.
May be will be better rename?

(Abby Crawford) #5

@bartv and @ssh4 it may be that scanning activity in the forum will pick up if given its own category. Vlad raises a good point that not all scans are cultural heritage related and not all of the conversations going on in the Cultural Heritage group focus solely on cultural heritage so much as on general techniques of 3D scanning.

Could a compromise be reached wherein the group is renamed something like "3D scanning and cultural heritage"? Or would that be confusing somehow?

I'm interested to hear what @NestorMarques and @nebulousflynn think.

(Vlad) #6

I'm still for "3Dscanning and Photogrammetry". Because this is definition cover all most common technics used for reconstruct real world objects as 3D data. (I don't think we can find many users that can share 3D data made with SONAR or RADAR).

"World heritage" forum also have some discussion not about technical part, but about museums, collections, blogs like Around the world in 80 models, etc.

(Nestor F. Marques) #7

Agree with @abbyec, creating a 3D scanning category may create some activity around it... but then again the question is how do we manage the Cultural Heritage group and the new 3D scanning one?

Do we merge them as proposed by Abby, or leave Cultural Heritage as a subcategory within 3D Scanning and photogrammetry?

Or maybe we make two separate groups... taking into account that most of the Cultural Heritage chat will involve 3D scanning somehow... (and that content may be lost to the ones that enter only in the 3D scanning group)

(Vlad) #8

Btw. Please make "3D scan" category back in Sketchfab main site!
There are many 3D scan that is not "Heritage". Not game, not characters etc. but just 3D scan or "photoscans".

(Looks like Sketchfab was owned by "World Heritage" mafia :smile: )

(Bart) #9

Ok after giving it some thought it would seem that while there is overlap between CH and 3D Scanning/Photogrammetry, CH should not be considered a subcategory of scanning (as mentioned, discussion could also cover museums in general etc).

So how about for now, I just create a new subcategory in 'Groups':

I'm also talking to some other people who have expressed interest in managing a 'special interest' forum here on Sketchfab, so the 'Groups' category should grow a bit.

In terms of managing that forum, let's see who rises to the occasion?

(Vlad) #10

Yes, Please! Category "3D-scanning and Photogrammetry"
And if possible move some threads from Heritage to this new category, if possible.

If i'll find time, i probably write some tutorial about VisualSFV/OpenMVG/OpenMVS opensource photogrammetry tools.And add some more photogrammetry comparison.

(Bart) #11

Here you go!

Could you help me out by identifying which threads should be moved over? Just post their links here and I'll take care of it.

(Vlad) #12

(Bart) #13

Thanks Vlad! All moved except the one on 'about the world in 80 models' - I feel that's more CH oriented.