Add option to sell/buy model images in different qualities and aspect ratios

Hi, I want to make a proposal.
I think it would be nice to add the option and somehow create an environment where you could frame or crop with different aspect ratios the displayed model (just like you do in Blender for a render) and then buy the 2D with different qualities and image rights. It would be like having the option of an advanced image bank in which the photo is taken from the necessary angle and with a few optional adjustments the job is done.
Although it will not be a render like the one that can be generated in an external software, it seems to me that the quality with which it is generated in Sketchfab is extraordinarily good for multiple applications of 2D design (or just buy a poster), with the advantage of being able to deal with filters, lighting, depth of field… without the need of an external software.
The decision to make the proposal is motivated by the @Tycho_Magnetic_Anomaly situation but it is true that I had previously thought of it as something useful to improve sales in general.
Thank you for creating this wonderful platform and giving me the opportunity to participate.
I apologise for my translator’s English.

For the work of Tycho and others it would be amazing if videos or gifs could also be exported… although that might be a bit more demanding of course.

Hi - I’ve passed along your suggestions to the dev team.

A more direct way to share feature requests is via this contact form: