Add url params to playlists


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Hey @tribble42,

It’s been a while, since this topic was discussed but I just came across the same limitation with embed options on Playlists, I think it would be a great addition for them and really help me out in my use case aswell :slight_smile:

Playlists and private models
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Hi @stairwave,

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I have moved your message to a different topic so we can discuss this idea independent of the private models issues.

Could you give me some examples of how you’d use this feature?



By the way, @tribble42 isn’t at Sketchfab anymore :crying_cat_face:

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Thanks for the fast and sorry for the late reply hahaha.

In my case I’m embedding the models on my website as part of a database. Fortnite skins sometime have different versions of the same model/skin which I’d like to showcase in a embedded playlist. Example.
Usually I hide all UI elements and use the transparent parameter to use my own CSS background which is a bit more responsive than the Sketchfab background. The models aren’t always embedded in 16:9 which makes it a bit hard for the sketchfab background to fit on all screen sizes.

It generally works without the URL parameters but it would look a lot better with them activated.

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Hi @stairwave !

We have just released this feature. Here is an example: