Adding a 3D model to my wordpress site

Hi Community,

Sorry if this is an obvious question. I am looking for a way to embed 3D model art I have created in my wordpress website that would be viewable with the quality of experience like Sketchfab but I did not want to upload it to sketchfab or at least be viewable in Sketchfab as some of the content is erotic art. Is there a way / plugin to do that?

Thanks so much for any info,


This is not the right place to ask for help on NOT using Sketchfab :wink:

I would love to use Sketchfab on my website as the interface works fantastic and does exactly as I want. The problem is that some of my 3D artworks are erotic nudes and therefore likely challenges Sketchfab guidelines.

I would be happy to use Sketchfab to embed my 3D erotic figurative nudes on my site if there is a way for the nudes to not to be viewable on Sketchfab.

Thats why the question, is there a 3D model plugin that can do this? I asked here because it seems like an advanced community of knowledge on the topic. This is not a jab at Sketchfab, just reaching out to a community in the know if anyone has a solution to my challenge…