Adding a scale bar still not supported?

I found a forum article requesting a scale bar feature on Sketchfab. It was posted a few years ago, but I believe there is still no such feature on Sketchfab. I wonder why it takes that long although Sketchfab has recognized it as a common request. I know Sketchfab provides a scaling feature in VR, but why not outside VR? VR is not a usual way to view 3D models right now as far as it relates to my application.

Is there any way or plan to add a scale bar feature for 3D models on Sketchfab?

Hey and thanks for the feedback.

As you may have seen the Sketchfab Team has been hard at work on some other features like AR and the newly launched Sketchfab for Teams feature. Scale bars are very useful in certain situations but we have had to prioritize other development work for the moment that impacts more use cases for the platform.

I will add a +1 this feature request in our internal tracking system for you.

We are looking for the same thing. A scale bar is important when using the images as a learning tool.