Adding content via annotations, such as jpgs


(Aerial Cam) #1

Hello, I am uploading models so that I can share information about heritage sites, I am adding annotations, with links to more detailed models of specific areas, I would like to add other content in the annotations such as jpgs of orthophotos of elevations of buildings etc. Is there a way of doing this? It would be very useful....Adam.

(Bart) #2

Yes, you can use Markdown to include images in your annotations. It won't show in the 3D editor for some reason, but they work :smile:

(Aerial Cam) #3

Thanks Bartv, that is very helpful. this method does then mean the images need to reside online in a website somewhere (is that right), rather than uploading them directly into a Sketchfab annotation. I see we have folders that we can create in our accounts for groups of models, could this be a place we could upload images that we would want to link to in models? Adam

(Bart) #4

You can't store images on Sketchfab at this time, so yes you'd need to host them somewhere else. is an easy to use and free service that will host them indefinitely.

(Aerial Cam) #5

Thanks, it would be good for PROs to have this facility on Sketchfab, to improve workflow. You may have noticed that quite a few of my model collections are private for sharing with clients and project partners until we are able to make them public, it would be good to be able to do this with other outputs, such as the orthophoto jpgs. Hope that may be possible in the future. Thanks Adam

(Thompson Maritime) #6

Good afternoon, I'm currently trying to add photos to annotations as well. However, I'm fairly new at this and I have viewed the Markdowns section, but am not sure how to properly write the command to add the photo. As suggested above, I have created an account and have uploaded photos for online storage. If possible, could you provide an example as to what specifically needs to be written to do so. I apologize for the redundancy but appreciate any additional assistance you can provide.