Adding images to annotations

I have seen the helpinstruktions about how to do it with Markdown, and also viewed a Youtube about the subject, but I can´t make it work.

I copy paste this into the annotation box:

put the image webadress instead of this part of the above: (](

If I pres the link I get the image, but if I don´t it doesn´t show up in the annotation box.
I stumble around as I don´t know Markdown, can anyone tell me a bit about what I´m doing wrong?

Thanks for nay advice.


It’s hard to make posts about Markdown, as the forum also translates them into a result :sweat_smile: But the format is the same as described on the markdown help page which is:

! [Alt-Image-Text] (Image-URL)

This needs to be done without any spaces between the ! mark and either of the pairs of brackets. If this doesn’t work, could you share the URL of the image you’re trying to embed? Perhaps there is an issue with the format (I know that PNG and JPG are supported)

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Hi Nomadking
Thanks for your reply, I think maybe I know what I do wrong.
I haven´t keepd the brackets, I do some more testing. :slight_smile:
Best regards

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Yes, it works, thanks. I forgot to have the brackets. :slight_smile: