Adding labels? Editing boundaries?

(Hawkeye Max) #1

I work with the 3D mapping tool Drone Deploy. Images are exported directly to Sketchfab. One of my models,
would benefit greatly with an edited boundary, eliminating half houses and poorly rendered areas outside the main interest.

I'd like to also add labels, marking the various entrances to the buildings. Is this possible to do direct in Sketchfab?



Hi Max,

I'm afraid you can't edit geometry on Sketchfab. You would need to download the original file and crop it in other 3D software like MeshLab.

I don't know exactly what you imagine with labels, but we do have an Annotations feature:

(Hawkeye Max) #3

Thanks for the quick response. It doesn't look good for either problem. Even though I have a Sketchfab account, DroneDeploy seems to retain ownership of the models and so I do not have access to the Annotation panel.

I need to take this up with DroneDeploy.

Thanks again,


You should be able to download the original OBJ + MTL + texture files from your DroneDeploy account, then upload them to your own Sketchfab account.

We're also in touch with DD about allowing their users to upload directly to personal Sketchfab accounts. I'm sure if you mention it to them, it will help prioritize the feature on their end :slight_smile: