Adding LODs to models?

(Kligan) #1

Hello! I wasn't using sketchfab a whole lot, but recent addition of the store made me interested.
However, one thing I'm wondering - how exactly do you add LOD's to your model on sketchfab? I couldn't find any instructions for that in "help center", except that one line that "you can add LOD's".
And it's kinda a big deal, because not every game engine has an auto-LOD feature like UE4 does, so in order to upload quality models, they must have LOD's included.

(Nomadking) #2

There are 2 ways really:

  1. Put them in sub folders as part of the originally uploaded ZIP - not store specific you've always been able to do this on SF.
  2. The store has specific 'Additional Files' slots that you can make use of - great for LOD's or separating out different files formats of your asset.

(Kligan) #3

Aha... So, potentially, I could make a scene, demonstrating a model pack, and then have each model uploaded as a separate file? That's handy.

What would be the best way to add LODs here though? I mean, usually in my work LODs are a part of the .fbx file with the model, named accordingly on a scene in modelling software (depending on the engine the model will be used with).
In case with uploading it to sketchfab, should each LOD be as separate file? I assume it'll be the most... "universal" way to do it.

(Nomadking) #4

Since you only get a limited number of additional files that you can include with each store item (can't remember the number of the top of my head), you'd probably want to put all your LOD's into a simple folder structure and ZIP the lot up. If someone wants LOD's of a model pack they'd probably want them all anyway so its a win-win. There is a limit of 500mb per additional file right now, but that should be increasing to 1GB in the near future.

If you want to be thorough, you could offer both, but as you say the separated version is more likely to be universally accepted amongst the various game engines etc, so that seems like the best choice as a minimum.

(Kligan) #5

Thanks you for all the information! Cheers!


Yes, increasing this to 1GB is planned as soon as possible. Turns out it's trickier than you might think.

If you choose to include extra files in the original upload (instead of or as well as the official "additional files" feature), you'll probably want to zip them in a nested folder so we don't process and display the wrong one for the viewer version :slight_smile:

(Kligan) #7

Got it! Thank you!