Adding texture correctly on sweep body / importing maps from keyshot

Hello, I had my model ready in keyshot with all the textures I needed but when exporting as .fbx to sketchfab, the textures were lost. Is there a way I can export it so sketchfab keeps the materials / textures added in keyshot.
If not, I´d like to know how I can add a hammered texture and displacement to a chain link so that it looks the same on all the surface. When I try to do that the texture looks different on the curved part of the chain (circled blue) than on the straight part of the chain (circled red)

I also couldn´t find a way to scale the texture to adjust the size of the bumps. Is there a way to to do this?
The image below is the texture I had in keyshot that I´d want to achieve in sketchfab.

my model

Thanks a bunch in advance!

Is this the result of a texture image or was this made procedurally? Procedural textures (Textures on Nodebasis) are sadly not supported on sketchfab and have to be baked into Image files. Maybe it can be done in that Software you used? If not, you may have to recreate it in another software that supports baking along with UVMapping.
Once UVmapping and baking are done you can upload textures as described here

Edit: Turning on wireframe on that model an enabling 2dview reveals that you have quite a mess of a UVMap, so you need to make a clean uv first