Adding Theme Music To Our SketchFab

(Newhere) #1

Hi - Just a suggestion, but is there a way the developers of the sketchfab UI can add a plugin for us to upload music (or sound fx) to our sketchfab works in edit mode?

(Mauricesvay) #2

@newhere We are considering adding sound, but we need to find strong use cases. Can you tell us more about how you would use sound?

(The Timeburner) #3

Sounds can be used to further better animations or as ambient sound for scenes.Sounds can emphasize the theme of the model.

(Nebulousflynn) #4

I agree with @the_timeburner that sound often helps to set the scene when coupled with any visual medium - but can see it being quite hard to implement animation synced sound effects, for example.

Could Soundcloud support (or Audioboom for taht matter) in descriptions and annotations would be one way to achieve this? That would mean Sketchfab wouldn't need to start hosting audio files or develop a player. There is an insane amount of content on there too - lots of audio descriptions from Museums to go with their 3D scans, or soundtracks from games that Devs could post along with their latest characters or environments.

If a track could be synced to trigger annotation movement (i.e. go to annotation 1 at 0.00; go to annotation 2 at 1min 30 seconds; go to annotation 3 when track finishes etc.) you could create some great "tours" of objects or people could talk about how they modelled certain parts of their creation.

(The Timeburner) #5

Yes,that too. So,the artist can talk about certain parts of his work in more depth. Instead of a paragraph popping out and blocking the scene. Or,you could set it that,clicking an annotation will trigger the sound.

(Newhere) #6

I would like to use sounds for like weapons hitting objects or people talking in animations or music for static models (to add more to the visuals) Like take this model for example:

God Of Enlightenment by newhere on Sketchfab

I want to add 1:48 of this theme song to it and loop it:

Play both example players above at the same time to see what i'm talking about.

I figure the programmers can add a plugin of some sort where in edit mode a sketchfab artist can upload 2mb music/soundFX for still models and 5mb music/soundFX for animations.

The composer will of course be credited.

I was also thinking that in animation mode, each animation sequence can have a option to add sound to it. or better yet, in static mode there can be an option to add few sec sound FX clips so when you hit the annotation buttons they would play different sound FX

Let me know what you think about it.

(Mauricesvay) #7

@newhere interesting. I have some questions about your use cases:

  • what format do you expect to be supported? wav? mp3? m4a? aac? other? If we can't support all of these, which one would you prefer?
  • for animated sequences, imagine your soundtrack is longer than the animation (e.g. 108sec of music, animation cycle of 2sec). Do you expect the music to loop after 2sec or 108sec?
  • for annotations, you mean that the model would have a background music + a sound effect everytime an annotation is clicked?

(Newhere) #8

- I would prefer using .mp3 for all Music/soundFX (it takes up less mb space)
- As for animated sequences, only the main track (main .mp3 music) will be for the overall background song whether its a static still or animation. I explain below.......

Static Sketchfab Art:
Main Theme Song: (1min song loop)
5 Annotation soundFX (30sec each)
Unlimited Annotation soundFX: (20sec each)

Animated Sketchfab Art:
Main Theme Song: (1min song loop)
5 Annotation soundFX (20sec each)
Unlimited Annotation soundFX: (10sec each)

- When an annotation is clicked, it will play only a sound effect.

What is your email address????? I made a .avi video of what i'm talking about. I can send it to you.

(Mauricesvay) #9

@newhere you can e-mail at :smile:

(Newhere) #10

Sent the video....Please bare with the lag in the video (had a lot of programs running during the recording to pull off what you see)

(Timeless3d) #11

Cool ideas here :smile:
I agree, it would be awesome to have all of these mentioned:

1) an mp3 slot for general background music
2) mp3 uploaded to anotations
3) timeline triggered mp3s for animation sound effects

(Newhere) #12

Also, can you give me and my page credit for coming up with the idea....thanks in advance:

(Ptrix) #13

Have you ever watched Transformer without no Sound? 3D and Sound must be together. Soundeffects and backgroundmusic are making your models more realistic.

(The Timeburner) #14

What? o.O

(Creationsmaxo) #15

I must admit that having the ability to add something like BGM (background musics) or sounds effect would push our ability to put some epic scene even more.

Remember Halo 3's "Believe" trailer?
This is one really good example of what adding sounds can achieve:

If we had to give an idea of what's the minimum needed and what's the best kind of possible sounds option we could have, there's some explanation:

At least, being able to add a audio file with those 2 options:
• Fade-in + fade-out checkers
This might seems useless at first, but whenever you got a good track, but it's starting slightly too fast and hard... or even ends up too "directly", fade-in and fade-out allow the audio to be less aggressive.
• Loop/Animation checker
To put it simple, this checker would allow the audio file to be played in a loop (if checked) when the "scene" is loaded or, if unchecked, only plays when the "Play" button for animation is clicked. This would allow people who want to synchronize their audio with the "scene" animation content to do it by recording the "whole" animation scene in a single audio file.

For something more complete:
An editor like Youtube's annotation/timeline/edit tool would be the best. In other words, we get to see a timeline on which we can link the sounds at specific frame/time. Ideally, it would requires at least 2 timelines: One "On Start" meaning it automatically starts playing when the scene is fully loaded and loop regardless of the animation state and one that plays in parallel with the animation states when used.

Ideally, the files formats supported could be at least:
- MP3
- Wav
- Midi
- m4a

Though, for the sake of the servers, a file size limit should be implemented.
In terms of size, something like this should fully cover anyone's needs:
- 1 file up to 6MB. Mostly for the BGM. (It would also cover the ground for the "minimum needed" previously mentioned)
This would allow a MP3 file of approximately 3-4 minutes with an acceptable level quality.
- If there's an editor and it allows multiple sounds files at once, up to 2MB for the subsequent files. (And that's quite generous. If you're using an sound that last 3-4 secs and it's more than 2MB, you're really not using the right kind of file nor compression. Most of my sounds effects only takes up to 1MB max and they're high quality in wave format.)

That's what I wanted to add on the idea.

(Mhazani) #17

Just wanted to chime in and say that, should sound be supported, .ogg is probably the way to go. It's a more optimized compression algorithm than .mp3 and file sizes are dramatically different. At the very least, it should be offered as an option - better yet, an onsite converter will turn all incoming audio into ogg for private storage.

A tall order, but it'll save you a ton of hosting space in the long run, when this feature becomes (implemented and) popular!

(Newhere) #18

It's .MP3 for now, and i'm glad that they have added it to the SF interface.

(Mhazani) #19

Me too, although mp3 is still the lesser format for these purposes. Aside from what I've mentioned, MP3 is much more prone to compression artifacts particularly at the end of loops, which means there's often a click at the end of them. Far less seamless and desireable for seamless ambient sound.

Still, a great step forward, particularly with the spatial THREE.Audio implementation.

(Newhere) #20

Ah, Ok.

(Bart) #21

@newhere Did you see that we released sound last month?