Adding to collections directly from search results and listings (UI/UX)

Hello Sketchfab team,

As a heavy user of collections, one thing that bothers me is not being to add a model directly from the search results page, and similar pages -> most popular models on a profile, “view all” page on a profile, browsing a collection…

On youtube for instance, there’s a “three dots” icon next to each video results, with a “add to playlist” feature -> no need to actually load the video.

Same with pinterest, which would be horrible to use if adding to a board required to load the pin page before clicking on a “save” button, then going back to the list… each time.

I know about the modal with the render, allowing to quickly check (amongst other things) a model before going back to the result list, which almost feels like it was made as an answer. However, it’s sometimes many unnecessary extra steps, because given the author and/or thumbnail I often know I want to add 5 of the models listed, in a row. While not so much of a big deal individually:

  • happens many times (to me)
  • each extra step can become quite annoying if models are heavy and/or someone’s computer is limited -> there’s often short (and not so short period) where the UI is laggy/unresponsive during the render load.

Try to use sketchfab as some kind of “pinterest for 3D” like I do, and you might experiment that “minor” annoyance 50+ times each visit. Same when manually getting many models of someone else collection into one of yours (because it’s 1/20th of the total amount of models, so you don’t want to subscribe to that collection).

Maybe I’m not a typical user, and/or not the focus of the UI/UX team, but it got annoying to me to the point of writing that anyway. I’d be curious to know the proportion of users with regular visits, regular adds to collections and 0 uploads…

Also, would preventing many unnecessary renders of models and associated requests (model data itself, comments+avatars, thumbnails etc) reduce the servers load ? (I don’t know how much is server side / client side and cached / uncached)

Here’s just a crappy edited screenshot to make sure I’m fully understood; of course you can implement that as you wish, if you decide to. I’ll understand if you decide not to.

^ edit: I meant “add to collection” button…


  • A user with too many collections
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