Addition of Filters: Low-poly/High-Poly and De-triangulation


(Existential Portfolio) #1

Currently there is no filter to distinguish models from low and high poly.

Being that some artists use the website to learn, it's quite vital to differentiate between these two.

Perhaps a number scale of polycount in an advanced search mode could also be implemented. Separate from a simple (general) low-poly and high-poly filter.

Additionally, is it possible to de-triangulate models that have been uploaded?

It would reduce the cluttering of models and allow users to focus on quads and their edge flows.

(Shaderbytes) #2

it is an interesting idea but how exactly do you define these filters? For example are you referring to general scene poly count or art style? You could have a scene with many objects that are "low poly" but together they add up to a high poly count or you could have a scene with a character that is retopo and "low poly" but perhaps it has a floor with lots of blades of grass so again the scene poly count is high but not the character itself.

For Quads Sketchfab will preserve quads for wireframe display if the user uploads a model that has quads. This is already a very cool feature. So it is up to the user to provide a model that has quads.

(Existential Portfolio) #3

That's an interesting issue you bring up.

I'm specifically referring to the art "style." Something around 20k polys would be low-poly and then anything higher is high-poly. This would regard one single object, so a human model with that 35k would be high-poly. The scene total would still be low-poly even if it totaled 50k but each object was 10k.

I think this could be added to the artist options when uploading, to say whether it is high or low poly.
Though community tags could also be introduced to solve this issue.

For the quads, I was hoping that it would be possible for Sketchfab to de-triangulate models. Is it possible?

Just a generic automated quadrify.

(Shaderbytes) #4

There are so many collections that already kind of cater to this kind of user driven definition of art style , of coarse some users collections are better than other because they actively maintain and update them. eg :

This is obviously not the same as an integrated search filter for poly count, but as discussed such a filter can't read into a scene and understand the content like a human does and so it can never be an accurate result of art style.

You do get algorithms to create quads from triangles but is not full proof in the sense of always understanding the original edge flows. So the results of such an operation might be undesired by the artists who uploaded their work. Based on this I doubt sketchfab would plan to add such a tool.

(Mauricesvay) #5

We used to have polycount filters, but we removed them because no-one was using them.
Technically, it's still possible to find models with low polycount via the Data API:!/models/get_v3_models