Additional files for free downloads

(Omabuarts) #1

Hello guys @ sketchfab.

We loved how the sketchfab store turned out and we’re planning to put some of our game assets for free. However, unlike paid downloads, the free download doesn’t have an option to attach additional files. This is quite a big miss for us since we’re using the model upload to put a preview FBX and letting the real FBX into a separate ZIP.
Would love to see this being implemented.


(Bart) #2

You can actually add additional files to a regular upload too - just put them in a subfolder of your upload. So, for example:


(Omabuarts) #3

Ahh we really missed that one out. Thanks and sorry!


I would recommend zipping any nested file types, to save space if nothing else. But IIRC, when multiple processable files are found in an upload, we process the first file alphabetically by the entire path name. So /another_format/my_model.fbx would be processed for the viewer version instead of /my_model.obj, but I have not tested this in a while.