Admiral Ackbar “It’s a trap!” ~

(Gy Zero) #1

Here is my final ~
not much time to do this one ~ but Enjoy :smile:

test-01 by gy_zero on Sketchfab

(Bart) #2

Cool, welcome on board! I have added a Sketchfab PRO licence to your account until December 11 so you can upload larger files and use up to 20 annotations.

Also, please keep an eye on the official contest forum thread and be sure to 'watch' it so you'll receive notifications (instructions are on the forum):

(Gy Zero) #3

here is a small update .. i will refine the shape later :stuck_out_tongue:


(Gy Zero) #4

update :
uv is done .. still struggling some details .. but i have to move on to texture section .......

(Gy Zero) #5

still finalizing some textures and polygons ~
directly export from substance painter ... looks a little bit different

few questions i am having :
1. AO map doesnt work for bpr render ?!?
2. weird shadows
3.where can i adjust the size of map if i use sketchfab exporter for substance painter ?

(Dark Minaz) #6
  1. ao does work? did you connect it correctly?
    ao on, attach the map?
  2. both of your lights have a "cast shadow" option, maybe check on your lights and disable one and see how that affects it.
  3. ehm where it says" document size" click on it and set it to whatever quality you like to have it.

(Gy Zero) #7
  1. i think i put ao in ambient occlusion

well ~ if that so .. i might just multiplier into the textures ...

  1. tried to disable one light ... the shadow still looks blocky ~

  2. oh .. i thought it is different than none-exporter config ...

i do need some sleep later XD

(Dark Minaz) #8

hmm it it's on it should apply it, for my models i can see a little difference if it's on vs off.
2. yeah it does a bit, can't really do much about it i guess. Usually it looks better when you leave the camera in a place for a few sec, but i think it looks good enough. I mean you can't really do more as far as i know.
3. whatever size you set there, it will size it down to that when it creates the texture inside the zip file :smile:

(Gy Zero) #9

im trying to shrink the map size from 2k to 1k ... what map size do you usually export to sketchfab ?

(Dark Minaz) #10

depends on the model
single models i just go with 2k, since .. duh
with my big one i went with a mix from 2xx small, 512 details, 1k for the armor, 2k for the big map

(Adam Beamish) #11

Great to see another Ackbar! Nicely done! :smile:

(Gy Zero) #12

@earthen thanks i love your work too :smiley: