Adventure Kit Challenge

This month we challenge you to create the ultimate adventure kit. Start by envisioning the type of adventure that your kit is for and then show us the pack (or chest, or trunk, or bag…) and everything it contains. Tell us a unique story with your scene.

Full challenge announcement :point_right: Sketchfab Adventure Kit Challenge

Official contest rules :point_right: Sketchfab Community Blog - » OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES


Please how will i know if my entry was successful

If you added the correct challenge tag to your model upload, your submission is entered into the contest. It looks like your model is tagged correctly, so you’re all set. :+1:

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Here’s my entry for the challenge :relaxed:


My submission for this challenge. Sorry but I still don’t see the “pictured” tag #AdventureKitChallenge in my post - should I worry about it?


I had the same concern when I submitted my entry. There’s nothing to worry about, it takes a day or two for the label to appear.


Hi Everyone,

this is my submission for the #AdventureKitChallenge

Thank you, it really appeared during the night!

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my model dont have the tag, i was upload 3 days ago, i told with another person with model’s how already entry and they say "your models have all correct, i dont know with you don have the tag :frowning:

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Thanks for sharing your submissions, everyone! The challenge, as you know, has ended and the judges are hard at work reviewing entries. We plan to notify potential winners on or around July 19.

As with all our challenges, reviewing entrants’ eligibility and doing all the legal work can take some time. We’ll share updates when we have them. Thanks in advance for your patience as we work through the process. :blue_heart:


Hi! Has there been an announcement of the winners yet? I cant seem to find anything online announcing winners and I’m really interested to see who won. Thanks!

Ive been kinda wondering that myself.
Is everyone ok?
Do you need help?

@Buce @electronshaman

It was mentioned on the Discord by staff (about a week ago) that they are currently in the process of verifying the eligibility of potential winners, but also a bunch of staff are currently still on summer holidays

Hi, do you know when we will have the announcement of the winners of the challenge ? :slight_smile:

:mega: It’s time! The winners are:

🥇 1st Place: Press ‘E’ to Open Inventory by Manuel Sitompul

🥈 2nd Place: Hero camp by sashasasha

🥉 3rd Place: Desert Adventurer by Cat_Xiphos

A big thanks to everyone who participated and submitted their incredible artwork. It was a delight to explore all your scenes.

For the full announcement + judges’ notes, check out the blog.


Well done to all the winners , terrific work!
Top job to all who participate too, was really great to see all the entries for this contest!

Drinks for all!!