Advice needed for a work in progress model

(The Timeburner) #1

Im working on a Rhino transport and as of now,my model is quite fine.But,I dont know about the topology.
How can I make the topology better and cleaner?

(Dark Minaz) #2

front looks mostly correct, but you should work a bit on the back, way to many lines around things that don't need them.
something like that, more or less, as good as i could in 2d^^

(The Timeburner) #3

Thank you!

So,as you said,the front is ok and I just have to optimize the back which doesnt need those unesseccary lines. Noted :smile: Thanks!

Im really just a guy who needs assurance that Im doing the correct thing.

(Dark Minaz) #4

personally i use maya's pre smooth option for most things to check
(3), since it just shows places that deform badly if i added to much unneeded geo.

It depends in the end on what you plan to do with it. is it the look you are going for? do you plan on smoothing it? or to add certain things later somewhere
for example on my last piece i did today i changed the lines to match the future extrude.

just noticed the sides, where the middle part is correct the sides have this line. (red bad, green good)
What you could do for example is something along like this (yellow part) and then remove the blue lines and add the red ones.

Although i am no pro, but i would try to avoid to many tris going in a single direction :smile:

(The Timeburner) #5

I will work on the cleaning later then.For now,I will continue to finish the model. Great advice, thank you very much,mate! :smile:

Last thing,it's ok if I dont turbosmooth this,right?

(Dark Minaz) #6

sure, i would just add one over it to check sometimes, you don't have to smooth it in the end :smile:
helps sometimes to see .. oh this looks weird, maybe i did mess something up :smiley:

(The Timeburner) #7

Hello again!

So,Im almost done with my model. I want to ask,besides topology cleanup,what else should I do?

Rhino by The_TimeBurner on Sketchfab

(Johnson Martin) #8

Topology aside, I would look at the practicality of things on the model. Such as where do the tops of the treads go, since you have a door on the side? And does the ship have any defensive options? How does the driver see to the side of him to turn? Are there any cameras or sensors? What time period is this from?

(Dark Minaz) #9

Aside from some mistakes (i got the same structure on the right kinda for my newest model)

I think the next step should be starting with a UV (not the automatic) to later give it some texturing.
Or just to train that part, since you will need it at some point.

On the details side, might use some bevels here and there to make the edges a bit less harsh if you don't care about the polycount. But good work so far, most things look nicely modeled, so polish it a bit more and do some ov's and a basic texture. Doesn't have to be to fancy. Or can even be just 5 different materials with solid colors. Just something to break off the grey :smile:

(The Timeburner) #10


It's from the Warhammer 40k. It's not my design. Why doesnt everyone know of Wh40k?


I dont know,mate. I dont really like colors. hehehe. As of the topology... I'm starting to just leave it be for now.

Zeal & Fury!

(Dark Minaz) #11

shiny red of death :smile:

id still bevel some edges here and there and fix some edges but that's up to you :smiley:

(Johnson Martin) #12

Oh, haha. I guess I should go complain to the designer then. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would at least do an AO and Cavity bake. Just to give it some kind of texture.