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Advice or scripts on easily baking comlpex 3ds max scenes

(Rlockett) #1

Hey guys! I'm looking for some advice on baking large and complex 3ds max scenes, not typically well optimized for Sketchfab (lots of objects and materials etc). I would use the official exporter however I want to be able to edit individual materials when in Sketchfab. I need to be able to automate steps to take a fairly complex scene and prepare it for baking, and then bake, such as (1) collapse all objects (2) explode groups (3) reset transform & scale (4) reset Xform (5) Unify Normals (6) Pro-optimize and then some texture baking scripts?

Currently i do these steps manually, followed by a "quick attach" script and then a "detach by material name" and then texture bake all these meshes that were detached, so 1 material per object giving good performance :slight_smile: . It works okay. But add this to the texture baking steps and its a lot of steps!
I'd really appreciate some advice on this workflow and possibly automating this with scripting or similar?

(Aliasz) #2

the only script/plugin that maybe can do that is flatiron


Our own exporter includes baking feature, but it will merge all objects together.

(Rlockett) #4

thanks yeah, i'd looked at that but the price seems extreme, and the trial seems very limiting, such as not saving its automatic uv's, since these are immediately discarded it means the baked maps don't map on to the baked objects right. unless i'm using it wrong this it seems like you really cant test properly with the trial version :S

The Sketchfab exporter i've found to be very good but cant really account for opacity maps, as there's no opportunity after baking to tweak the scene/materials before its sent to Sketchfab

(Aliasz) #5

well maybe this link is something for you?
Its the developer of the sketchfab exporter.
I also have asked for a script, that could save maps in a directory, before
sending it to a website like sketchfab.
He has made multiple scripts for different platforms.
maybe you could ask him about it?


(Rlockett) #6

Thanks! I’m on it!

(Aliasz) #7

i finally tried texture baking in 3dsmax, you can try the lowest settings possible like GI and Texture resolution.
For opacity maps or reflections i decided too make it a seperate object so you can still alter it in sketchfab.
and add your own alpha/ upload an alpha image, or reflection/material from the hdri environment.
the sketchfab plugin, bakes the lowest possible texture size, so it isnt really a solution for light baking

(Richardlockett) #8

yeah I’ve had a lot of success with scripts to help with this, attaching everything to a single mesh and then using a “detach by ID” script gives the same material control in Sketchfab as in 3ds max :slight_smile: