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Advise or suggestions for quick, easy cutting apart of a 3D model for a small printer?


(Jerryfisher) #1

I've just purchased my first 3D printer and can't wait to start using it (once I have some free time). It occurred to me that I'd like to print STL models that are larger than the print volume for the printer, so I need to cut the STL apart into manageable chunks that will fit inside the print volume.

I even found some great software that would do all the heavy work. I watched it in action at Youtube:

My gripe is that the software only runs on Windows and it is a plugin only available to subscribers of Autodesk who use AutoCAD or Inventor. So my trusty Mac and a severe aversion to a costly monthly subscription has ruled that software out.

I tried the free version of Netfabb, but it is not very user-friendly or intuitive. I have also tried Meshmixer, which is a good deal more friendly, but it is a long, tedious exercise, especially if I'm trying to work with a STL of a sculpture like the Statue of Liberty. I have to make cuts in places so I don't suddenly end up with tiny pieces from another part of the sculpture that got caught in the way. As an example, when I made a slice between the elbow and shoulder of the right arm for the Statue of Liberty, I ended up cutting off some of the tips of the rays from the crown. In other cases, I'd make a cut and end up with more tiny pieces from various folds in the toga. In so many words, I would have a large number of wonky little pieces to keep track of besides the larger main chunks that would be printed and glued together for the final replica.

Does anyone have any suggestions for software or a better workflow that will speed up the process?

(Vlad) #2