Agility Robotics Digit2 - 3DMax mirror is a PITA!

After few days on and off modeling and rigging, I had extra 2 days fixing the issue 3D Studio Max always have with mirroring geometry: inside 3DS, all good, but once you export it, normals are flipped!
Manually flipping normal won’t fix it.
Add Normal modifier, won’t fix it either.
What worked for me in Skechfab, as to: create new geometry like sphere, convert to editable poly, attach to the fliped/mirroed geometry, and then delete the sphere.
I hope this might bring comfort to some poor soul dealing with this.
Max version is 2019.

Here the final result of my Digit2 robot:

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Hey there. You probably need to reset xForm


Usually it fixes all mirroring problems, but make sure to do it before rigging.
Or just use symmetry modifier to avoid the problem from begging.

Thank you for your input @warkarma, but trust me, even that didn’t work for me.
Your point of trying it before rigging is very important.
From now on, I will go with Symmetry and the detach when possible.

But when making a complex and multiple part that will be duplicated, like robot limbs, it will be a pain to fix, it’s up to the use to choose the flavor.

Could anyone with max 2020or 2021 confirm if this issue is fixed?

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