Agisoft Help - Blending Skins

(Cecefisher) #1

Hey guys!

Here is my model of an artifact from a shipwreck. I, unfortunately, had two batches of photos with different lighting. I only have the standard version of Agisoft. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a free program to fix the color. The texture does fix the color but it blurs out a lot of the detail to do so. I would like to edit it myself to get the colors that I need.

And sadly, I no longer have the artifact, so I cannot take any more photos.

Any advice would be great!

(Mikecooling) #2

If you have the original photos in RAW/NEF then try the camera maker’s website for an application to edit things like White Balance and so on.

Otherwise GIMP is free and should let you do all the things you’d like to do. I also use Irfanview for simple quick’n’dirty batch processing, that requires you to need exactly the same balance modification on all your photos of course. Always backup your original photo folder, naturally.