Agisoft Metashape exporter - Socket Operation Timeout?

Hi all,

I’m attempting to upload via the Metashape exporter for the latest 3D scanning challenge. I normally just upload directly to Sketchfab after exporting the model, but the challenge requires API/exporter use. I’ve gone through the faff of sorting out the missing OpenSSL library files as detailed here. Now I’m facing another error: ‘Socket operation timed out’ dialogue box after a few minutes of Metashape apparently ‘uploading’. Pic related.

socket operation timeout

I can’t find anything on this topic either here or on the Agisoft forums. My internet connection is fine, restarted all programmes and the PC to no avail. Any ideas what’s causing the link to fail? Thanks in advance.

Update: I am an idiot. My antivirus software (BullGuard) was blocking Agisoft port access for some reason, just manually enabled it and it uploaded fine. I’ll leave this post up in case anyone has the same issue, mods please delete if it’s not needed. :upside_down_face:

Metashape still gives me this odd report after uploading completes, but the model is up on my account so whatever.


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