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Agisoft upload bug - model name

(Abby Crawford) #1

Hello. Sometimes, when uploading models directly from Agisoft PhotoScan to Sketchfab, the model name entered into the PhotoScan dialogue gets clipped when it gets uploaded to Sketchfab. For example, yesterday when I entered the title "Otto L.A. Meves Grave Marker" in PhotoScan, it ended up on Sketchfab as "Otto L.A" [note the lack of period after the "A"]. This has happened a few other times, but - not having paid close enough attention - I have been unable to discern a pattern. I suspect that it may be something to do with having periods in the title, but am not certain.

Thanks very much!


Hmm, interesting.

@pap anything on our end that would cause this? (see:

  • I'd have to see the Agisoft code, but I assume it was 'name': 'Otto L.A. Meves Grave Marker'
  • When you open the download dialog, it says ''
  • When you download it, the actual file name is '' (both root and nested source)

(Pierre-Antoine) #3

Must be an issue with the way we parse filenames to extract the file extension and make the title more user-friendly.
Can you open an issue in our but tracker and we'll have a look.