Agressive spam user

(Paperscan) #1

Suddenly faced with inconvenience.
One of the users, having a personal dislike, left over 100 negative comments undermining my authority.

If I understand correctly, any claims to authorship are solved in a different way. Otherwise, any idiot can afford to spoil without proof.
On weekends site support is not responding. I was powerless against such rudeness.
If the Sketchfab platform does not have the ability to quickly stop spam comments, then I would like to see in the account settings - blocking an unwanted user, as well as deleting messages.
I’m a programmer and I know that implementing this is a matter of a few hours.
If I pay for a PRO account, I want a little more than the ability to use a personal image in the background and the ability to hide models with a password.
Probably you agree with my position?
I sincerely hope for active actions in this direction, otherwise what is the point of engaging in creativity and business on your platform?

(Nebulousflynn) #2

Hi -

Thanks for the report. We’re looking into this situation now.

(Paperscan) #3