Aipos 3d printing is stealing loads of sketchfab models

I’m not sure if this is the appropriate section to be placing this in. But I found all my models on this ‘Aipos 3d’ printing website for free. Thankfully nothing has really happened to them, but I think there are other sketch fab artists that have had their work stolen here as well. Upon checking, they’ve stolen loads of your editors pick lowpoly game models! Or at least one of them has been downloaded 500 times. Is there anything that I can do to stop this? I’ve tried contacting them but I’ve gotten no response as of yet. This also worries me for future uploading as I have gotten a better hand at making low poly game models. :frowning: I’m not sure how they managed to snag these off your website.

If you can spread any info on this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Here’s the link to the website itself.

There are quite a few sites like Aipos 3d, but unless I’m missing something, the ‘download’ links just take you back to the original model on Sketchfab. Doesn’t make much sense for models that don’t have download enabled, but that’s just a poorly made website on their part :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have an example of one that is available for download directly from Aipos?

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Does it really? That’s both amusing and incredibly relieving! I just attempted it on my models that were put up on the site and listed as ‘free’ but it does in fact take you back to sketchfab itself without being able to download it. Which i’m incredibly happy about. Thank you for attempting to download something though. I was pretty weary since I was scared there could be malware or something from this site once you downloaded a model. I see now that the editors pick pieces that were downloaded quite a lot were the ones that were also downloadable on sketch fab so it makes sense why people were able to download it from their site. If you just put into their search engine ‘sketch fab’ it brings up a lot of models from here.

I guess this site was made for mass searching models from multiple sites then?

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I think the one’s showing download numbers might just be reading it from the Sketchfab API (so it’s the same number you would see on the model page of a download enabled model) but I’m not 100% sure on that - some of the stuff does seem to link off to thingiverse pages too. As you said, I guess they are some sort of mass indexing type of site… but who knows their business model!

First time I saw some of my work on one of these site I had a ‘WTF’ moment too, so you’re not alone. Better to be safe than sorry :wink:

Sorry for the late reply but I could only imagine your same reaction to seeing your own work posted somewhere as free! I’m sorry to hear you’ve had your models placed to other sites too. Did you manage to take them down? Or was this a similar mistake to mine where you thought they were giving them out for free but were just poorly worded? But thank you for clearing this whole mystifying situation for me. Having some idea along with what was going on here really helped me out. I’ve always been really scared of something like this happening and having all these beautiful models on here ripped and placed somewhere free, so I blame this on my paranoia :stuck_out_tongue:

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It was basically the same situation as this but with another website that lists models for 3D printing. I had a small heart attack, then switch on my brain, realised what it was and felt stupid :stuck_out_tongue: Seems to be a lot of them springing up lately!