Alembic quads/polygons are messy

(Gilles38) #1

Hi all,
Has anything changed in the way Sketchfab is dealing with Alembic files ? I have a hard time with a mesh that has quad/polygons (in Blender). When exporting has Alembic, these polygons are not “closed” and I get “holes”.
If I export as Alembic from Blender with the triangulation option, then everything is fine. Unfortunately, the animation is not smooth anymore as the number of vertices is probably not constant and Sketchfab does not interpolate anymore between the frames.
Hope this is clear.

Some snapshots:
In Blender:

In Sketchfab, Alembic format from Blender (the “tube” is going to the center of the scene as if there were no weight painting for these vertices)

In Sketchfab, Alembic format from Blender with Triangulation: sorry not the same zooming but everything is fine.