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I've tried to search, but didn't found much on this topic. Did you guys have plans to bring Alembic support?

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(Mrchlblng) #2

@romullus we actually have a prototype of alembic support; it's not live on yet but could ship in the near future.
In the meantime, could you tell us a bit more what kind of alembic data you'd like to upload?


Great, it's very nice to hear that you're working on adding alembic support. I'd like to export some animations from 3ds Max. Unfortunatelly not every animation can be baked into FBX and i found that alembic is much better in this area.

Eagerly looking forward to public (or beta) release of alembic support :]

(Mrchlblng) #4

I see! Note that, depending on your animation complexity or duration, this could perform badly on sketchfab. Our support for alembic animation will basically be what we do for "stop motion" animations: we hide/show geometries but at the moment, all data is loaded at once.
By the way, if you don't mind sending us a sample at, we would love to test our support with real world data!


Sure, here's link to some simple example:
If you could test it and see if that works ok, that would be great. Also i'd like to know if my model keeps UV in sketchfab. For some odd reason UVs in 3ds max gets destroied on the first try to play animation :[

(Mrchlblng) #6

@romullus thanks a lot for the sample!
We currently lack lots of features (including UV import) so only the geometry/animation is imported:
I can't tell you when this will be improved but your sample will definitively help. It would also be useful if you could tell us how you use/generate the alembic data (as the format tends to be pipeline specific).


Nice! Animation plays very smooth for me. Thanks for testing it! It's a pity that UVs aren't preserved at the moment, but i hope that you'll manage to crack it (fingers crossed).

As for this specific example, it was created in 3ds max and exported to alembic. Unfortunatelly 3ds max 2016 has a bug where on import UVs gets damaged, but i was assured that it is fixed in latest version, so i'm looking forward for upgrading and for your alembic support implementation (hopefully with preserved UVs ;] )


This would be awesome for origami tutorials :smiley:


Actually this is attempt to animate origami folding :]]]

(Mrchlblng) #10

Just a quick update to say that we added normals/uvs support in our WIP. The last thing we need to work out is: materials. But we might very well drop this, at least for now, as from what we've seen this is very pipeline specific.
Hope to release this before Christmas!


Oh my.., you guys rock! Awesome news indeed. Eagerly waiting to test it out :]

(Waleguene) #12

@romullus: as @mrchlblng said, we worked on it and alembic is now supported on Sketchfab :slight_smile:
Note that this is still experimental and that we are waiting for feedbacks to improve it, so feel free to test and give us feedbacks on what we can improve!
Both HDF5 and Ogawa alembic files are supported, with normals and UVs. Points and lines are not parsed for now, it only supports meshes

Don't hesitate to share explicitely your work with us :slight_smile:

(Gilles38) #13

Hi @romullus and @mrchlblng,
I am very interested in Alembic format too. Kind of the same workflow as romulus except that I am using Blender (and exporting as Alembic), it does perform well under Sketchfab except that
- oritentation seems to be Y up (Z up in Blender as far as I understand)
- in the material section of the Skethfab 3D settings, there is only one material listed "Scene-Root" even if there are 2 meshes. This is probably related to what @mrchlblng was saying (any improvement soon ?)
It is very straight forward to export from Blender (see parameters that I used below ) and indeed ressembles stop motion but is much smoother.
Anything I can do to solve these two issues above ??

(Gilles38) #14

Hi mrchlblng,
Can you tell whether the Material section of my Alembic file is expected (exported from Blender)?
I have 2 meshes in this file which are named as one, called "Scene-Root", in Sketchfab. I understand that you still work on this (and hope you will keep going because Alembic is my favourite format !) but having 2 meshes and having 2 materials are two different problems to me, this is why I am asking.

(Waleguene) #15

Hi @gilles38,

Our alembic processing generates only one material for the whole scene for now, but this is something we need to improve.
It's not clear for now how materials are written in the alembic file (if they actually are) and what kind of data each material contains.
The minimum support we could add would be to generate a default material for each material, or at least for each scene node to allow the user to setup them in the editor.
It depends on the material informations the format provides, and also if the software (Blender) exports this data and how it exports it. This is something that will be clarified and improved :slight_smile:

If you have any simple sample to test that, that will be helpful :slight_smile:


(Gilles38) #16

Hi @waleguene yes I can provide a file. What do you need, the abc file exported from Blender ? Where should I send it ?
Otherwise yes it would be fine to me to attribute materials in the 3d settings (especially if the reload function still works).

(Gilles38) #17

I don't know if that helps but here is a link regarding the Alembic format in the latest Blender release (2.78)
where it is said that :

(Waleguene) #18

@gilles38 you can send me the alembic file in a private message :slight_smile:
We are looking for alembic materials.


(Gilles38) #19

Hi @waleguene, I sent you the files (blender and Alembic) some weeks ago through your "contact" in your accoutn.
Have you had time to have a look?
Thnak you

(Waleguene) #20

Hi @gilles38,

Yes, I received them two weeks ago but I didn't had the time to check yet,/ I am currently working on other projects and alembic is in standby for now. Sorry, but I will be back to you once I have more infos