Algorithm rendered model issue

(Ripvannik) #1

I've been generating models from laser scans in an algorithm based piece of software called pointfuse.
From what I know, the software is producing too many surfaces for sketchfab to render in the time available during the upload.
I've tried reducing the points in the scan, and cropping the models before upload, but without any success.

Frustratingly, I have been able to upload on occasion but not in any consistent way.
Could i send an obj direct to sketchfab support for some analysis and feedback ?

here's an example of a model i managed to upload:
And an upload of an unsuccessful one too.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.



I'm really not sure how that one was exported from Pointfuse differently than your other failed attempts. It only has one geometry.

I've spoken with the Pointfuse team and they are aware of the issue and hope to improve it on their end. For now, however, you would need to merge the objects in other software, like Blender.

(Ripvannik) #3

Thanks James.

I'll give Pointfuse a call.

In terms of the successful models I have exported only having one geometry, does this mean that I need to export a closed model to sketchfab as a rule of thumb ?

I've looked a sequoia too, as an alternative meshing application. If you have any experience of models generated in sequoia let me know.



I'm afraid I'm not familiar with Sequoia.

I'm not really sure what you mean by a "closed model". It's about the number of unique meshes/geometries in the scene. Take a look at this model, for example ( ).

These two images display unique meshes by color. On the left, there are 144 separate meshes/geometries, but on the right, they have been merged into just 5 separate meshes/geometries.

(Ripvannik) #5

Thanks for the response in laymans terms !
Lets say I have a scan, I import it to poinfuse and then I export an obj or fbx.

Before I upload to sketchfab, how could I check the model to estimate whether its likely to upload successfully ?
Does it need to be one geometry ? Or are there any other indicators that I can look out for.?

I'm gonna look at blender tonight.