Aliens: Ripley vs Alien Queen

(Bramvangerrewey) #1


Going to recreate this scene from Aliens. Nice balance of organic and mechanic modeling.


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Intense scene! Is it going to be animated?

(Bramvangerrewey) #3

Thanks! I might animate the claws of the power loader if I have some time left. For now I'll be happy if I can meet the deadline with a static scene.

Some progress on the power loader:

(Bramvangerrewey) #4

Haven't prepared a scene for VR before, so I'm wondering if it's possible to have a viewpoint from within the power loader, but for the viewer to also be able to walk around and see the actual model. The idea is to have the viewer sitting in Ripley's spot while fighting the alien queen.

(Bramvangerrewey) #5

Model of the power loader is about done. Still missing some tubing, but I'll add those once I have decided on a pose.
Starting on the alien queen next. Going to be quite challenging.

(Bramvangerrewey) #6

Blocking out the alien queen. It's big compared to humans.

(Bramvangerrewey) #7

Unfortunately I was unable to spend much time on the project due to work and other responsibilities. Made UVs for the power loader and started on the texture. Still lots to do, but if I can't make it, I'll finish it on my own time.