"Alita" - Interview with VFX Supervisor Eric Saindon

(Bart) #1

CGS’ Travis Bourbeau sits down with VFX Supervisor Eric Saindon to discuss his latest project – "Alita: Battle Angel!"

When Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, he took the world with him. There was no road map – no one had ever done it before – and it took a team of intelligent, dedicated individuals to make it happen.

Like Armstrong, Oscar-winning film director and producer James Cameron has taken us to terrains unexplored, from the depths of the Mariana Trench and its seemingly alien life, to the boundless vistas of imaginary planets. And, also like Armstrong, he was only able to get us there because of the commitment and talent of enthusiastic folks who shared his vision.

As Cameron made his mark on cinematic history with blockbusters such as Terminator, Aliens, and Titanic, from as far back as 2003 he imagined bringing to film a captivating manga about a young cyborg woman’s journey of self-discovery – Battle Angel Alita. Only when Sin City director Robert Rodriguez finally entered the picture in 2016 were they finally able to do the story justice, and together they assembled a team of some of the finest artists in history.

Weta Digital’s Eric Saindon was a crucial member of that team, and as VFX Supervisor, he was tasked with bring to the Big Screen not only a futuristic world, but more importantly, a believable and sympathic Alita. Come with us as CGS’ Travis Bourbeau interviews Eric and delves into the process behind one of 2019’s most challenging projects.

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