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All black in Google Chrome


(3dmotion) #1

Good evening.
I am having trouble using the Sketchfab by Google Chrome.
This only occurs a few times and with some models.
The screen is completely black and I can not see 3D models.
The problem does not occur in Firefox.
sketchbug.mp4 (1.1 MB)
Google Chrome: Version 50.0.2661.75 m

(Stephomi) #2

Thanks for the report! We can't reproduce the bug currently though, although I have the same chrome version.
Could you provide us a screenshot from

Does the bug occurs consistently for a given model url ? (ideally, in that case can you provide us with a model url that works and one that never work)
Or is it somewhat random ?

(3dmotion) #3

It seems to be random. It also occurs in Firefox, during the 3D settings screen, but when you close and re-open the browser, back to work correctly.


It sounds like the browser runs out of memory and can't render the texture. Do you have an example model?

(Unoquepasa) #5

Hi, same problem in opera.
I see when you quit background in scene ,the model is ok, but if you activate use enviroment for background ,in lights,it broken,became all black.

Sorry my english.

(3dmotion) #6


It should work if you use an image or color background instead of environment.

(3dmotion) #8

I use background image