All objects part of a model misaligned


(Kurt Drubbel) #1

Hi folks,

I am trying to upload a model directly from max and nearly all meshes are turned 90° on x y or z axis.
It also does this in max during the export, after the export everything looks fine again :o:

This is really annoying and refrains me of using sketchfab professionally.. :frowning:

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @fos4,

Sorry to hear that :confused:
Did you try by exporting your mesh into FBX and uploading it via the website ? I would like to check if it is an export issue or an issue on our processing.

If you have a .max to share that reproduce this issue, I would be interested, so that I can debug this on my side and find a way to fix it (obviously, the file remains private and is deleted after that). If yes, you can send it by private message or mail it to: support [at]
cc @james

(Kurt Drubbel) #3

Hi @waleguene, thank you for replying.
I will send you the file asap (it got beaten up during my trials but ill rebuild and send you an exact one like before).
I'll try a web upload instead of the max export as well.

Cheers and talk soon.