Alley Voxel Scene


(Drinkdecaf) #1

I'm working on a voxel scene in MagicaVoxel and then finishing in Blender. So far, I've completed 2 126^3 chunks

First chunk (Alley):

Alley by drinkdecaf on Sketchfab

Second chunk (Apartment):

Alley 2 by drinkdecaf on Sketchfab

I'll continue to post as I progress, lemme know what you think :smile:

(Bart) #2

Very cool. How many chunks are you going to make? And I think the lighting in the first model is a bit nicer than the second one?

(Drinkdecaf) #3

Thanks! I think I'll do at least 4 chunks, but not 100% sure yet. And yea - for the first model I used MagicaVoxel's bake export, which turned out a lot nicer - I'll use it again on the next one

(Drinkdecaf) #4

One of the issues I'm working on is how to light the scene, particularly the interior parts. MagicaVoxel has some cool material options, but the emmission voxels don't really light up anything like I would hope.

Think my next experiment will be to try lighting in blender.

(Drinkdecaf) #5

Chunk 3 in progress...

(Drinkdecaf) #6

Chunk 3 done! Unfortunately, my model is now too big to upload as a model - working on a way to trim it down.

(Nomadking) #7

Lots of great little details in these scenes @drinkdecaf - looking forward to seeing the end result :wink: