Allow 2D Inspector Watermark opt-out

While I fully understand some may want to protect their work, I would assume that others are more than happy to allow people to study their creations to learn from them. That said, the new watermark that blurs out and desaturates the entirety of the 2D view until you mouse over areas makes studying what has been done tedious and more difficult.

I propose that the feature be employed by default and retroactively added as it has been so far to protect anyone who maybe isn’t paying attention, but with the option for an uploader to disable the feature to allow easier viewing for learners.

If it’s already a feature to opt-out I can’t find it when editing my textured model in either the properties or 3D settings. I already chose to allow people to inspect my textures in the properties, obfuscation on top of that decision seems unnecessary to me and makes viewing 2D elements far less helpful/interesting.


Agreed, this is a reasonable request and we’ve heard it before. I’ll add your +1 to the ticket.


Bumping topic as I came to say the same thing.
One of the best features of the inspector was to observe UV layouts and texture maps, which has become unenjoyable since the watermark change.

It seems a little counter-intuitive since texture inspection is an opt-in feature in the first place.

Aye, I also wouldn’t mind this. if the model is free to download I see no reason I or others need to watermark the 2D inspector, considering people can download it anyway I’m confused why it wasn’t opt-out from the get-go.

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