Allow Download Button dissapeared

(Print Your Mind) #1


i wanted to make a model available for download a minute ago and couldnt, because the button seems to have dissapeared.

Did something go wrong or did you drop that feature?



(Moroplogo) #2

Yes , it seems that it is no longer possible (is it an error?) to change the first choice ( or choice by default) about the download of file.

However , you can reupload this file and choice the availability for download of your model when the window of "Transfer Complete" appears.

(Print Your Mind) #3

thanks for the hint. that is a nice workaround. I would like it to work as before though...

(Bart) #4

Thanks for reporting that! We'll look into this right away and I'll report back here when it's fixed.


@print_your_mind @moroplogo We just pushed the fix. Sorry about that!