AlmondFeather #3December Entries


(Almondfeather) #1

Guess I will try to catch up.

(Almondfeather) #2

I honestly didn’t even consider making clothes like everybody else seems to have done.

(Zemasu) #3

Awesome! I love this style

(Almondfeather) #4

This one took way too long

(Almondfeather) #5

I found a perfect font but it didn’t translate well into mesh. Should have used normal map instead. (This one is ok too I guess…)

(Almondfeather) #6

I have never handpainted food before but it sure was fun to try.

(Ever Shroud) #7

Such a cute fruit cake! Wow, I really love the painting job! That seems like such a complicated shape to UV map for me! xD Also the lace look amazing!

(Almondfeather) #8

UV mapping this honestly made me insane.

(Nomadking) #9

I can imagine so! Straightening up a shape like that for pixel texture… ugh!

Looks great though :slight_smile:

(Mountrise) #10

100% worth the insanity

(Almondfeather) #11

I even animated this little bit.

(Almondfeather) #12

I have to pick up the pace.

(Almondfeather) #13

Not happy with this one but at least it didn’t take long.

(Almondfeather) #14


(Almondfeather) #15

Almost halfway there!

(Almondfeather) #16

10 models left…

(Almondfeather) #17

It was fun making something so different.

(Almondfeather) #18

I wanted to add something to this but run out of ideas.

(Almondfeather) #19

I actually have several finished models but I want to publish them in order.

(Almondfeather) #20

It was hard to come up with an interesting idea.