Alpha maps are broken all of a sudden

(Shaderbytes) #1

So they work fine in the editor but bug out in the viewer. I checked it is set to filter on alpha. Strange thing… I tried reuploading the texture and it fixed it for a few minutes in the viewer… but after visting the link llater it had reverted itself to the buggy state… so some delayed post process of the texture is causing this.

(Shaderbytes) #2

nice I spoke to one of the devs, they are aware of the issue and a fix will be rolled out sometime next week :wink: Luminance maps still work so if you are using a single image with alpha for diffuse and alpha it wont work for now rather create two maps , the same image for diffuse and then a second grayscale image to represent the alpha.



This should now be fixed. You can re-Save your texture settings or wait for our script to re-processes effected textures.