Alpha textures seem to be broken all of a sudden

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Hey there

I just uploaded a model , its the second version of it and when viewing on another machine it displayed as black and shocking green ( black where alpha is , green where color ). I first thought its just a error on that machine being older and all .. but then after doing a few other changes in the editor upon exit I was greeted with the same issue on my own machine.

What is bizarre is that if I go back into edit mode it displays as it should , but on exit the problem remains now.
I tried reimporting the texture .. it did not help.

Something has gone wonky somewhere .. I know its not the texture because I used the same texture in my first edition of the model and have viewed it many times over the last week and there was no problem like this.

I cant share the link since the model is still private , sorry. I'm sure you can dig into my library from your end and just view my latest upload

chat soon


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