Alpha transparency masking and how is it THIS hard to understand?!

I have no clue how sketchfab is relating the information fed in to the alpha masking section of the materials plugin. This is the second model I’ve tried to upload to Sketchfab, both had the same issue… yet my first model seems to have automatically fixed it’s alpha mask.

I’m using TGA’s, I’ve tried both 24 and 32 bit. I’ve tried having the alpha of the masked selection in the actual alpha of the alpha mask -_- I’ve tried toggling my two-sided, my single sided stuff… I’ve tried setting it to luminance, RGB, RGBA, nothing works. This should not be this hard…

I am extremely familiar with 3D software, yet sketchfab’s texture management system is a terrible experience thus far. I really want this to be easier to understand and troubleshoot, but I cant find any resources on this seemingly basic issue.

Gula's Sherlocks Coffee by gula on Sketchfab

For now the slider in alpha masking doesn’t do anything.
So your texture should be white/black (or your alpha 0/1).

Did you expect the slider to define the threshold?

@gula something like this gets you closer to what it looks like you’re trying to do (the white can be white or alpha):

Ok so the issue was that my alpha mask texture that I was using was 98% black at it’s blackest value, and 98% white at it’s whitest value. The solution was to make sure that my white spots were 100% white and blacks were 100% black. Sketchfab is obviously pretty fickle when it comes to defining alpha mask things. My mistake, though!

Great fix.

Alpha Blending should allow for this, but you would need to separate your meshes/materials with transparency from those without, to avoid draw-order problems.

@gula - the alpha mask slider now defines threshold, so it should work as expected on your original texture - let us know!