Altar of Storms - Burning Steppes Invasion

(Cameron Kelly) #1

Hey, everyone! I'm a little late to the party, but I think I've got a solid idea that'll be fun to work on even if I don't quite meet the deadline. Since I'm hard-pressed for time, and the details are worked out pretty well in my head (knock on wood), I'm not going to do a full-fledged concept sketch, but rather a brief breakdown of what I intend to include in my scene so I can get started faster.

The Altar of Storms is a significant monument in Warcraft lore, being used by Gul'dan in the Second War to channel fel energy into ogre magi, bestowing them with power and intellect. Many Altars were later repurposed to aid in reviving fallen heroes of the Horde during the Third War. There are only three remaining Altars in the world of Azeroth, but a few similar Altars can be found in use by the Burning Legion in Outland, as seen in my moodboard below.

I've always loved Blackrock Mountain, and though the invasion event isn't taking place in the Burning Steppes, it seemed like an excellent place to set up a combat scenario between the Horde and the Burning Legion. I'm not sure how many characters I'll be able to put in the scene with such limited time before the contest ends, but ideally I'll have some Goblin, Troll, and/or Orc craftsmen retooling the Altar of Storms, a primary defensive position at the bridge where some heroes can fend off the approaching Infernals, a Horde staging area with first aid tents and supplies, a few catapult emplacements, and some sort of demon leading the invasion - maybe a Nathrezim or a Doomguard.

(Bart) #2

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.

(Cameron Kelly) #3

It's coming along alright, thanks. :slight_smile: I began roughing out the mountains last night after work using ZBrush's Spotlight and DynaMesh features and some screenshots I took in-game. They're by no means complete, but I have a decent terrain base to begin blocking out my assets with now.

(Cameron Kelly) #4

Quick update with some low-poly assets blocked out in the staging area in 3DS Max, as well as some quick blockouts of the lava plane, Altar, and bridge in ZBrush. Did a little sculpting on the bridge so box modeling assets wouldn't get too monotonous.

(Cameron Kelly) #5

Another short update with most of my low-poly objects set up in the staging area. I've applied a multi/sub-object material to use as a color ID map later, which should speed up texturing considerably. Bed rolls, a few kinds of crates and barrels like you'd see in Orgrimmar, some medicine bottles, a Troll Healing Tide Totem, and some planes for Horde banners.I still have some small assets, like an alchemy station, candles, torches, and a brazier or two to make, but otherwise, the staging area's assets are ready for texturing.

(Chaitanyak) #6

that bridge is my fav..
but the whole thing is pretty impressive too!

(Michael Calvert) #7

This is coming together, looking forward to it.

(Cameron Kelly) #8

Thanks! Unfortunately, real life is getting in the way of my project time right now, and I haven't had time to make any significant progress in days. When I have been able to devote a little time, I've just been busy UV mapping low-poly assets, and baking a variety of maps with xNormal. I'm not going to meet the deadline for contest submission, sadly, but I'm still going to see this thing through to the end and post updates as time allows over the next week or two.