Alternatives to animating UVs?

(Nickholl) #1

Hi, I'm making a little tank, and would like to animate its track treads. Ideally id animate the UVS but i dont think sketchfab currently supports that :frowning:
I was wondering if anybody could suggest another method? perhaps animating between two different textures somehow?

Would the new Unity to Sketchfab extension support animated UVs?

thanks for any help!

(Shaderbytes) #2

No shader animation is supported in the unity to sketchfab exporter, since it is not supported in sketchfab. So No UV or Texture properties.

Workarounds would be to use armatures and individual track segments , or perhaps with shape keys.


Another workaround could be a timeframe:

We hope to support animated UVs in the future, but a first step would be to support UV offset/tiling/rotation.

(Nickholl) #4

never mind :frowning: Its only a low poly model so modelling individual segments wouldn't really be an option.

Its actually UV offset that I'm using - will just have to wait i guess.

thanks for your replies

(Nickholl) #5

one more thought... does sketchfab support animating the visibility property of a mesh? That way I could alternate between 2 materials :smiley:

(Nickholl) #6

oh cool! just tried it and it works quite well :slight_smile:
now just to fix this animation glitch :-/


Yes, either with a Timeframe upload, or the Viewer API.