Aluminium Material

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I've have an object that I have used an 'aluminium' material on in 3ds Max, very similar to this:

, what is likely the best way to reproduce this material in Sketchfab?

Thanks for any input.


The most reliable way to get that effect is probably to use the 3ds Max exporter to bake your lighting (or bake manually). However, this won't provide real-time lights/reflections.

You can get this effect by manipulating Diffuse color, Specular color, and Glossiness, adding a noisy normal map ( ), and turning on Environmental lighting.

This was very quick and dirty, and my UVs are very messed up, but you should get an idea for what's possible:

Teapot Blend by PadreZippo on Sketchfab

Screenshot of settings:

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Excellent support, thank you, will give it a go.

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@james that normal map "noise-2k.jpg" is about 7MB.
Do you encourage the use of such large sized maps?


@grillswills - Yes that is quite big. It's just something I had on-hand.

It really depends on the quality vs load times you want. I've seen textures as big as 60MB, which is a bit ridiculous.

We're also working on implementing various image compression techniques that should help reduce download/render times while maintaining as much quality as possible.

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Good to hear that. You guys are doing just great.

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Hello, I saw this problem and I created this topic about PBR and metals, that will help on your result.

You can make it really metallic and tweak the roughness/specular

that you give the aluminium feeling on it, the glossness and roughness can replace the bumpmap when giving that feeling on a irregular polished surface. You can merge both together, maybe leave the bump very week. You can use the bump on screeches and other stuffs.